Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Workbench -supergirls

I have some super hero girls on my table.  One of them is almost done and two are still waiting for their turn.

The first one is Barda.

 I got to try out some very fun technics on her. 
She is suppost to have scale armor, but it was not sculpted.  You would be surprised how a little bit of stocking mesh can change things :D


Another super hero girl is Wonder girl

 She needed some polishing


 And the last girl is Power Girl

Some of the same polishing for this girl too


And here two of the girls after some extra love and caring (plus lots of putty and sanding paper :D)

Workbench - Comet-san

Another cute kit on my table is this adorable little girl.

She have some pretty good seam lines, but its going to be a fun project do paint :D



Workbench - Captain Harlock

Since I started updating my blog today, here is some of the projects I've been working on.

One of them is Captain Harlock.

Parts right out of the box


 For his cape, at first I was going to paint the main body and join the cape parts after, but I changed my mind.  There is actually enough space for me to paint the body even if the cape all put together.


 Some Aves Putty and first priming stage.


Work in Progress

I can't believe how long its been since I posted my last blog entry  >_<
Some very big changes came into my life and my focus shifted a little bit.

I have a new work-in-progress project which will occupy me for the rest of my life :D

So I hope you guys forgive me for delays in updating my blog.  I promise that I am not quitting painting (since its one of the things that keeps me sane), just taking a small detour.