Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Atelier Rorona

I love Atelier series games, so this was a double pleasure for me to work on this little Rorona.
Its not just a cute character, its also great memories :D

For this kit, I was doing some test run of my new paints I got (Golden Airbrush acrylics).  Its already premixed paint, that allows for a very fine detailing.  No pastel shading was used on Rorona at all.

Oh and one of her part for the hat was missing, so I had to re sculpt it and added some real feathers.  It turned out pretty well.



Saturday, May 25, 2013

SD Sakura with Windy

I was very lucky to get this cute little kit of Sakura with Windy.
It was a lot of fun painting her.
I hope you like her as much as I did :D


Shinobu finished

I finally got this little girl finished.
It was a little chanenging to place and paint all of those donuts, but at the end its done \(^o^)/
I hope you like her


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Workbench - Dawn

And the last girl on my list for today is Dawn. 
This is a cold cast statue, not a resin. 
The surface of the kit was very nice and smooth, so I didn't have to sand much.  But trying to separate the pieces was a challenge.  Of course I broke couple of them :D


Skin tone
 And a small preview of the colors:

Workbench - Wonder Woman

Next on my list is Wonder Woman.

Poor thing had some cracked pieces, so she really needed some TLC.


As I was cleaning her, I discovered that her stars are actually glued on stickers.  Its pretty genius and I have to use this technique later too :D

A quick preview:

Workbench - Hawk Girl

Another repaint job.
This is Hawk Girl and she needed some make over too.

She was in a little bit worst shape then Donna Troy and needed lots of sanding.  It looked like the paint was sprayed alittle too close to the surface, so it dried out in small dust particles, creating unwanted texture.





 And a quick preview