Sunday, July 9, 2017


I purchased this kit just so I can enter it into Naked Resin Attack at the Wonderfest.  I didn't think I will finish her up before the show, but miracles do happen :-)
The clean up was done over couple of months, but the painting and base was done over 2 days.

 Got some wip here.  I decided to glue all the parts before painting it. 
The surface of the kit was very challenging.  Just take a close up at the pictures >_<

 The final pictures :-)
It was interesting trying to find the "right"angle to photograph this lady.

 I didn't win with this lady, but had lots of fun participating. 

Selvaria Bles

This is another commission for Selvaria Bles.  The kit is HUGE - 1/4 scale
The great thing is that its a charagumin kit, which means the breakdown on parts is amazing.
This baby have 104 parts >_<  I always run out of sticks to hold parts.

 I had one piece broken.  Not to worry, just a little bit of glue will fix it up :-)

This kit have a lot more flash lines then any other charagumin kits that i had before.  Must be because its so huge.

 Her stockings had some very prominent lines too, so after cleaning it up I had to redefine the pattern.

 I am getting all of this washed now and primed.  Very exciting project.

Princess Serenity mini project

I got this little lady some time ago and its just a little side project for myself.    Sailor Moon have a special place in my heart. She is the reason I started to paint Garage Kits all those many years ago.

She have lots of clear parts that were painted with Pearl Ex powder.  Her eyes were not defined (no grooves), so it was a little bit challenging to paint. 
This was just a very quick project between my commissions.
Enjoy :-)