Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mikage - complete

Finally the complete Mikage kit.

Workbench - Nanoha

Since I had to rush my watercolor painting a little, I had to put aside this little beauty >.<
Still, I finished up some stuff (its a wonder on what you can do if you are not motivated in a project).
Masking tape is off from all the blue painted stuff.

Hand painted gold

A little bow :D

Right now I am working on her shoes and hair.

Joe and Justin

Another watercolor commission for my friend :D
I don't think I am going to paint another one for a very long time (sorry Scott :D). I got a little burned out on all the sports portraits (and I think it shows >.<

The original photo with my painting :D

Friday, January 15, 2010

Workbench - Nanoha

Finished up Nanoha's eyes :D
This time I actually took some pictures on how I do my eyes.

First the most important thing is to get a good reference, specially if its a known character.

add white to the inside of the eye. Some people mask the white of the eyes before painting the skin tone, but its much easier for me to just painting over skin :D

The base color of the eyes. I know it looks kind of weird right at this point, but I promise that it will look better later :D

Black outline and eye lashes (see it looks better already)

Added some light blue.

Added even lighter blue around her iris (its just a thin line to make her eye "jump" at you :D)

Reflection spots

And final step is three layers of gloss finish to level the paint out and make its shiny.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Workbench - Nanoha

Nanoha update.
After waiting for blue paint to cure, it was time for masking >.<

Pearl white :D

For the shadows I used the mix of pearl white and a touch of pearl blue. This will bring all the colors together.

Next step is to see how all my blue masked lines are doing :D

Sailor Pluto - finished

Finally got some time to take a pictures of this lady :D

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Workbench - Mikage

OK, there is not much update about Mikage. I am gluing the parts that I can, otherwise just working on fixing small things.
I just wanted to share this pick with you guys :D
While I was waiting for some glued parts to dry, I set her on the table to dry. And this is the post she ended up in :D Doesn't she looks like she is stretching her legs??
Just thought it was funny.

More serious updates are comming very soon.

Workbench - Nanoha

Hi guys, I am back :D
I know that I didn't update my blog for a while, but I do have some good reasons. For a while I was a little sick (plus some food poisoning right before Christmas), and of course my workroom (its in the basement) is very very cold. I had to brave the cold to accomplish all this new updates :D
I know, I know, I am a very brave person :P

Anyway, here is some update on Nanoha.
I finally started to paint this little cutie.
Since Nanoha doesn't have too many options for colors, but she did needed something extra, I picked some pearl paint for her.

I have a background in watercolor painting, so I usually always apply light colors first, followed by the darker ones. In this kit, I had to change my rules a little. I figured that its much easier for me to mask tiny blue line, then the whole while skirt. So for now I am painting all blue parts :D

With some skin tone, since I don't have to mask it :D

Now I just have to wait overnight before I can mask any of this blue.

Got some nails done too :D
Wait for more updates of me braving the cold :D