Saturday, October 24, 2009

Workbench - Mikage

Progress on Mikage is more slow then Ryoufu. I had to do a lot more modifications to her.
After I got the fold off on her shirt, I had to work on her underwear (since it have to be removable too). I needed to attach the leg and remove the outline of underwear.

But first I decided to continue with some chopping :D The stocking would be much easier to paint if its separate from her hips. So here comes the saw

After adjusting the leg, I worked on her arm guards. My client provided me with this guards, I just had to make it fit :D
I added the magnets on the guards, so now it sticks on/off.

The bra is all ready :D
I had some challenge with this set of bras, since her "body" is in motion and it was hard to make them look the same.

The placement of magnets :D

Workbench - Ryoufu Housen

Had some time to work on Ryoufu.
For her shirt, we decided that it should look like its made from silk and have a oriental design on the back.

I had to edit my post a little bit, since some people were asking me about the design on the shirt :D
I did paint the design all free hand. Its the same design that I used on the fan on Mai from King of Fighters ( ).
First I painted metallic white on the shirt to make it look like silk. Then I added black outline of tree branches and after that finished it up with clear red (same red that I used for her bikini) for flowers. Its a very easy design that looks good without being too complicated :D
I hope this helps a little bit more.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Workbench - Ryoufu Housen

Another project on my table is this Ryoufu. She also need some modifications :D

This girl came in with two different shirts (one is damaged and one is whole). The customer decided that he wants both versions, so the sleeves of the shirt had to go. It will be a sleeveless shirts, plus removable bra and bikini.

First things first, the rope had to go :D

Attached the arms and a leg.

Since all of her clothing supposed to be removable, here comes the magnets :D
I think in total she have 13-14 magnets on her. Better not put her too close to the computer.

The magnet map :D

Now the bikini time :D

P.S. If anybody have a problem with exposed flesh, please let me know. I will modify my pictures.

Workbench - Mikage

This is my next project. The kit is Mikage from Masaki Mizuhara Collection. This is a very beautiful and dynamic character that needs just a little more love and modification :D

I need modify her body, so she have a removable bra and bikini, add some necklace, and removable arm shields.

So, here I go :D
First I need to remove all the folds of the shirt.

There will be some head chopping first :D