Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Workbench - Euphemia

The finished up photos of Euphemia.

I had some problems with photographing such a big kit, so the photos are not the best O_o
Otherwise I hope you enjoy the results :D

There is few more pictures of her on my Photobucket account (

Workbench - Roberta

I've been very quit lately with no updates, but it doesn't mean I didn't accomplish anything :P
So I am going to add lots of different posts today. I hope you guys don't mind.

Anyway, I painted Roberta's eyes and hair. Glasses came in with the kit.

Started to paint her suitcase.
First applied some silver and followed up with some Gold (looks a little green :D).

Here is the decals I printed. Thank you for the people who helped me to get the pictures for them :D

Of course I had to mess something up with this suitcase. After I applied the decals and sprayed it with Future Floor finish, I let it sit for at least 24 hours. After that I masked the belts on the suitcase and painted it. BUT.. after I took the masking tape off, I took some of the suitcase color off. So now I have to repaint the whole thing again (^_^;)

My trophy !!!!

I got this in the mail couple of days ago, but didn't had any time to take a picture :D
I just really wanted to share this with all of you guys,
thank you again to all who voted for me.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sailor Pluto - finished

OK, here is my finished up photos of Pluto.
She was kind of hard to photograph, since her top body is leaning backwards. It created some weird angles for the pictures O_o

So I hope you guys like her as much as I do :D

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Workbench - Roberta

Just a very quick update on Roberta.

Painted her guns.

Put her all together (well almost :D).
Just a quick test shot.

test shot with flash

Also, I just got a good news. E is sending me replacement parts for her umbrella in the next couple of days. Now I can finish her :D

Workbench - Sailor Pluto

Since I am almost done with Pluto, I decided to add all the in-progress pictures (not like I have a lot of them :D )

This is a Thai kit that I got long long long time ago. One of the first kits that I got of the eBay, right after I started doing kits in 2004. I actually painted it too, but it was very ruff job, since I didn't really knew what to do. No primer, no prep work, just paint straight out of paint jar without any shading.
Too bad I don't have any photos of the previous paint job.

Anyway, I striped all the paint and when I had time worked on it a little bit at the time.

The joint parts were very bad. I had to re sculpt the arm joints (the most work), legs, hair and pretty much everything else.

The skirt was very thin and half cracked. After I was done with bondo, the skirt looked half painted red :D

The hair was another problem :D
I had to re sculpt lots of chipped tips, plus I added some extra strands of hair (made from Mountain Dew can :D )

And the last, but not the least, I give you Pluto's staff.
The parts that I found in my box were all brittle and would snap with little pressure. Plus I really decided to upgrade her stuff.

I wanted to use this red stone for the top, but I had to adjust the setting first.

Used some putty and totally replaced the main staff with beads and plastic rod.

Painted version. I know that it looks a little bit warped in the picture, but I already fixed it up with a little heat :D

Right now I am waiting for the base to dry and then its a picture time :D

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Workbench - Euphemia

I am really getting close to finishing this girl up :D

In the last couple of days I had some time to apply all the pastel shadings. Paint the skin tone and her eyes, and paint the hair.

The right side have pastel applied and the left one didn't. Just wanted to show you the difference.

The quick test. Nothing is glued in yet.

No flash.

with flash

Close up of the eyes :D

And the color of the hair (pastel shaded already)

The only thing I have left is her ribbons and her base.
She is turning to be a real beauty.