Saturday, February 10, 2018

Workbench - Yuki in White uniform

I received another commission from Captain Harlock anime.  Miss Yuki in white uniform.

 I did not take any in-progress pictures for this project  >_<
 Right now I just need to take the final pictures of her and edit it.

Workbench - Asuka

This commission piece was like a blast from the past.  Blow up Asuka from Evangelion series. 
I actually watched this anime and it was a very short but memorable clip :-)
The only bad thing is this kit is kind of old school casting, so have lots and lots of pin holes.  It took me forever to clean this mess up.  Still it was fun memory trip

Look at all those pin holes and orange skin O_o
The horror

After hours of clean up work :-)

Workshop - Ange

I got another commission with Volks charagumin kit.  Love, love, love those things  :-)

How do you like my little assistant? He's not very helpful :-)

 As always, a very quick clean up.  Next step - painting.
Didn't take too many pictures to show progress.

New Year update

      Its been a long time since I updated my blog.  Sorry everyone.
My computer has been on the last leg for a while now.  The fan is busted on it, so laptop would only be on for a short time.  Never knew when it would shut down on me  >_<  Super frustrating and not very encouraging for work.
      Anyway, I finally got a new laptop, but still trying to adjust/re-upload all of my older files.  Hopefully now I will get better with updates :-)
      Thanks for letting me whine a little and Happy New Year