Monday, February 25, 2013

Workbench - Wings of Reflection base

For this elf I needed to create a water base. 
Hopefully this will be helpful to somebody :D

First I used Elmer's glue.  I sprayed it around and glued different types of rocks and sand on the base.


 After the glue dried (its no longer white anymore), I painted the ground. 
Next I deluded Elmer's glue with water and applied it on the top of the ground.  After that I sprinkled the moss on the base (first I applied the bigger pieces of greenery and after that I sprinkled the powder green stuff to even everything out).

 Next step is water.
I taped off the base with some plastic I had on hands.  Make sure that your plastic can withstand some heat, otherwise it will just melt after adding water.   It happen to me  >_<

 I am using E-Z Water for this project.  Its very cool stuff

Measuring how much of the water I need .

 After measuring, I put the beads in a metal pan.  Heated it up on the stove and poured the stuff inside the base.  Sorry no pictures for those steps since I had to move pretty quickly.

 After the water cooled down (only takes a few minutes), I took off the band from the base and added some dry long grass around the shield.
Here is a quick teaser shot of the elf girl :D

Workbench - Amazon

After painting the skin and letting it sit for a day or so, I started to mask it off.
It took me a while to mask all of those small lines on her bra  O_o

Next I painted her boots and her bra.
I painted it black first and followed up with iridescent blue and finished with couple coats of Future.

 While the paint was curing, I tackled her base.

 Sword was painted with Alcaid aluminum paint.  This stuff is amazing :D

 And the rest of the parts.
Painted hair and her hair accessories.

Next update on Amazon woman will be the finished pictures :D