Saturday, September 17, 2011

Workbench - Shing II

Another fun project on my table is Shing II (the sculptor's web page is here ).
I love the kits that this guy makes (so full of movement and energy), but most of them need a little more work on smoothing the surfaces out   >_<
Oh well, its all worth it at the end.

After spending lots of time on priming/sanding, I started with her skin tone and her stockings.

 Next painted the weird smoky/metallic thingy s that go from her base and hands.
First I painted them black and dry-brushed the metallic after.

The body suit was painted dark purple and shaded with black.

The hair is painted Neon Red and washed with Red and dry brushed after with Orange red.  This can change, since I am still waiting for customer's approval :D


 Some other photos of finished stuff that I didn't take in-progress shots :D


And before I am done for today, here is a small teaser of the kit :D

Workbench - Yurika from Nadesico

Just like the title said, I am working on Yurika from Nadesico anime.
Its a very old (1990's :D) kit and we had to wait for a long while for it to be in-stock again (over an year on pre-order), but now she is here.
The kit is very big (1/5 scale) but doesn't have too many parts.  The biggest problem I had was with her cape.  It came in three pieces and since I wanted to make the cape removable, I had to glue the pieces before I can work on them.


 For such a plain looking kit, this girl needed lots of masking :D

For her uniform, I decided to go with Midnight blue and shade it with black.  This way its still a dark uniform, but the purple/blue gives it more dimension.

More updates on this girl are coming very soon :D

Friday, September 9, 2011

Minnesota State Fair

I am lucky enough to live in Minnesota, which have an amazing State Fair every year (I am ignoring the lots of mosquitoes,  harsh winters or occasional tornadoes).  This year I decided to take some pictures of the foods we had at the fair.

Some of the food is expected in any fair, like corn dogs, cotton candy, cheese curds or french fries.  But how about deep fried candy on the stick or pig lickers (which is sliced bacon, dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt)? 
Anyway, I didn't get to try everything that I wanted at the fair, but we did try some stuff.

Cheese curds

Minnesota roasted corn

A picture of me, my sisters friend and my sister (left to right)

 And we were lucky enough to get out pictures taken with Ian the Weather Man from Chanel 9 Fox News.  We love you Ian :D

We had lots of fun, very full stomachs and very empty wallets :D
Until the next year, Fair.

Super Sailor Moon

I know that I haven't posted any progress pics of this little lady, but she pretty much build herself :D
The kit is very small (only about 1/8 scale), but the amount of details is amazing.  She have the most cutest face I've seen for Sailor Moon kit.
It was real pleasure to work on her.



Eurika 7 finished

Another finished project is Eurika 7.
I finally finished cleaning her hair (which took me foooreeeveeer).


Ignis finished

I know, I know,  its been a very long time since my last update.  It seems like the time is just flying for me lately.  Still I did get some stuff finished (even if I didn't update the blog about it).

My big girl Ignis is all done. 
I had the hardest time taking photos of her.  My photo studio is not equipped for such a big/tall kits.  Had to take this girl outside.

Hope you like her :D


I decided to take some pictures inside the house as well, since its very hard to see her eyes on the outside photos.  She turned out pretty cool :D