Monday, August 18, 2008

My two ninja girls

This is my two latest commission kits. They are marked as 1/7 scale, but actually very large. I really love the movement and energy of this kits. It was a lot of fun painting them.

I have more pictures awailable on my photobucket page

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Misato from Evangelion

I got this kit for a friend. It is a 1/5 kit of Misato from Evangelion. My friend jsut loves this character. The kit is HUGE. This is a Thai recast, but its a really good recast. The fit is very good and most of the folds on the dress are still there.
I already did some work on her. Her legs are so huge, I had to fugure out some other way of holding it. My usual method of using a shishka bobs sticks did not work, the leg was too heavy.
On the side note. I wish I had a legs like that

Ok, I have a few months to complete this beauty, so I better start moving.

My poor Persona 3 game, all along and waiting....

What's up

I feel so ashamed, I did not updated this blog for way too long. But it doesn't mean I didn't do anything
I am working on two ninja girls commissions, which are almost done. I had to take a forced break from finishing them up because my air compressor died on me and it happen right when the kits from Winter Festival started to show up for pre-order on E. Maybe its a universe is telling me to slow down and actually paint what I have.... or maybe not :D

See, I told you I am almost done.

On the side note. It totally didn't help my time management the purchase of Persona 3 game. So many hours waisted on the game... But its so much fun.