Saturday, September 26, 2009

Carmen completed

I had this kit and started to work on it about two years ago now. I would pick her up, fix/sand/prime a part and put her away again. She was actually almost complete for about 5-6 months now, I just needed to add some small details to finish her completely (I swear, stupid yo yo was the hardest part to do :D ).
So today was a day to finally finish her up :D

Workbench -Lacus Clyne

This is my last update on this girl before I post the complete pictures of her :D

Since this is a commission kit, I was planning to package her coat and her body separately, but I can't do it anymore. The fitting on the coat was giving me way too much problems, so I decided to attach it to the body.
I had to play with fitting for a while (had to heat some parts :D), so this is how she looks as of now.

There is a small gap between the coat sleeve and her arm, but I already applied some putty to fix it. Right now its all drying, so I can't really do anything :(

Tomorrow I will try to finish her up :D
Stay tuned.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Workbench - Ryomou Shimei

One last update for Ryomou before I post the completed kit pictures :D

I have only small stuff left to do. Lace and bows.
It looks small, but I think this was the most annoying part of the whole kit.
It was very challenging to apply the purple shadows on the lace parts. Purple is such a strong color that if was over powering the white. I had to overlay it with few layers of white paint.
Also, it took me at least 4-5 hours to actually attach the lace parts (could be just me :D and not the kit fault).
Anyway she is all done and I just need to take pictures of her.

I love the handcuffs >.<

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Workbench - Lacus Clyne and Ryomou Shimei

I've been working on two girls, Lacus Clyne and Ryomou at the same time. Both of them coming along very nicely :D

The skirt for Ryomou is all clear. So first I sanded all the seam lines (the skirt looks all white and not clear anymore). After it was done, I applied the Future Floor finish to smooth out the scratches and make it all transparent again.

The one on the left is sprayed with Future, and the other one is not. There is a big difference.

I was so excited about painting Ryomou that I forgot to take pictures. Here is her middle body all painted with shadows already applied and finished up skirt.

The skirt looks like a solid color until the light hits it :D
I really like how it turned out.

Also I worked on Lacus's coat.
It involved lots and lots of masking :D

I spend hours masking this thing, but the end result was totally worth it.
Both of the girls have their skin already painted and shaded, I just have to take some more pictures of them. They are starting to take a shape now, so more updates follow :D

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tomoe from Queen's Blade

Another commission piece done.
This is a Tomoe from Queen's Blade. The kit is about 1/7 scale and came with clear sword and clear flame for under her shoe :D Also, her skirt is removable (magnets).
I love the movement and the energy of this kit.
It was lots of fun working on her.

More pictures on my Photobucket page