Thursday, April 14, 2011

Workbench - Ymir

Another kit I am working on is Ymir from Queens Blade.
Right now I am still cleaning it up, since it was very very over-sanded and had lots of debris on the surface  >_<  The skirt is a nightmare.



Workbench - Eurika

Update on Eurika girl :D

I spend lots and lots of time cleaning up her dress, adding sleeves and the biggest chunk of time on her hair.  The hair is not done yet, but it started to take shape :D
Please wish me some patience  :P



Workbench - Carina

 Some update pictures on Carina.

 This kit was very nice, since I didn't have to do much masking  :D  and that is always good (specially considering how much time I spend cleaning it up).
So this is the only major masking I did on this kit  :D

I was asked to make some flower-ry base for this girl.  Just a quick WIP pics.

Small preview.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Autum Miku finished

The Miku is done :D
Hope  you like it.

Workbench - Autumn Miku

Made the base for Miku.

I used the same tecnic for painting Miku's hair. 
I found some cut out maple leaves at the craft store. 

 Placed the leaves on the base, just to see how it will look.  After that I sprayed the colors where three out of four leaves are going to be.

 Applied some rubber most to fix the leaves in place.  This stuff is very cool and easy to clean up.

 After the leaves are in place, I added some more of red color on the top part.  I need some color difference to bring another leave in focus.

 Leaves are all in place, so its time for the base color for the base :D

 Ta-da, its done.  I just need to add some Future floor finish to make it shine and polish it a little bit.