Sunday, May 29, 2011

Workbench - Ignis

OK, OK, this is my last update for today :D   Just don't be crying to me if I don't update it again for a while  :P

The kit is BOME version of Ignis.  One word to describe this girl -  HUGE!!!
This is 1/3 scale kit, but she is much taller then the other same scale kits I had before.

For such a big kit she didn't have too many big seam lines.  I scraped most of them with X-to knife first (I wasn't going to send them off, it would had taken me hours) and only after that sending it off with big foam sander (brick shaped foam pad wrapped in sand paper). 


Next was pinning.
Since this girl is so HUGE (did I mention that she was very big?), I wasn't going to skim on pins.  She probably will set off metal detector at the airport :D

 If anybody wonders, I made the ridges around one part for glue to settle in.  This gives it more grip.

I am dreading to think about painting this lady.  The parts are supper heavy, since she is so HUGE 

Workbench - Rei with motocycle

OK, this is the first time I ever worked on the motocycle and let me tell you, its hard.

The new kit on my table is Rei from Evangelion on the bike.  The kit is tiny (1/12 scale I think), but it doesn't deminish the amount of parts.
 Look at this following up picture.  No really, look at it.  It took me three hours to put that together  (^_^;)
And that is not the worst part, oh no.  The worst part was that after I put it together, I had to take it appart for painting.

Now, here is the easy part :D  The body (at least I know how it looks)

 Some parts on the sticks anyone?


 Rei is all done and ready to ride :D
Now if only the bike was this easy.  Oh well, at least it's a good practice for my Rider kit.

Almost forgot, here is half assambled frame for the bike.  I have to admit, I am very proud of this ;D

Workbench - Sialeeds

Another pretty lady added on my table :D
Its Sialeeds from Suikoden (at least I think she is :D). 
I was asked to match the colors to the pictures below.  Mmmmm, love that purple/blue/gold combo :D

The cast was a little weird.  It looks like it was a copy that they cast the mold from.  It had some primer still stuck to her and lots of pencil lines.  Either way, she didn't have that many problems to fix and the resin is very nice and soft.

 My first color test :D
Me like it ...... (so is the client)

As you can see, this kit requires lots of masking.  Which I skipped half of the time by painting by hand :D  
All of the light purple lines are hand painted, plus all of the gold lines have to be hand painted.


She is shaping up very nicely.  Did I mention that I really like her purple/blue combo?

Workbench - Eurika 7

My poor Eurika girl doesn't get as many updates as she deserves.  Mostly I spend all of this time cleaning this girls hair.  I really don't know how some sculptors do this on daily bases :D

Doing the same stuff over and over gets very boring, so I decided to switch it up a little.  Wings here I come :D

I used some clear plastic to cut out the shapes of the wings, painted it with semi-transparent green (I tried to get it as close as possible to original colors) and added the design.  It looks pretty good if I say so myself :D

The design of the wings. 

 And this is the  hair last time I worked on them :D
Couple more layers of primer and sanding and its all done..... hopefully :D

PK King goodness

Not too  long ago I finally got my Nine Balance -Nu Wa kit from PK King.  I just had to share how amazing his kits are (and maybe make you a little bit jealous :D ).

This kit cast in grey resin.  It looks a little bit weird (at least to me), but the resin is nice and soft, and amount of details is astonishing.

Here is some photos:



And since I am updating King's kits, I might as well add the other Nine Balance kit - Sturgeoun  King.
This kit didn't travel as well as Nu Wa.  The big, beautiful, clear base had some damage to it  :(    Too bad, since if I want to leave the base transparent, the breaks will be visible.  I guess I have to wait and see until I actually work on it :D

 I do have more photos if you are interested, 
(the updated photos start on second page)

Sunday, May 22, 2011