Friday, August 28, 2009

Workbench -Lacus Clyne

This is one of my newest commission pieces.
Its a Lacus Clyne from Gundam.
For the an older kit, this a very good casting. The fitting is great, so it means less work for me :D

The coat is one piece. A very large PIECE :D

After soaking her in the Purple Power overnight, this is a test fit with just the pins in. No putty yet, just the small pins.
I am very happy that the coat is so well balanced, since I would have to ship it unglued later on.

Even thought I am not familiar with this character, this is going to be a very fun project.

Kallen and C.C. busts done

I got this girls finished few days ago, but just finaly found time to photograph them.
It was a real pleasure to work on them (but not as much fun to take pictures :D)

Sunday, August 23, 2009


I can see the end of the tunnel for me :D
The Human Mage kit is almost done. I just had to do some small modifications (just to make her perfect).

I had to adjust the color of her hair. Now its black with red highlights. Also her lip color is more red now. She is a fire mage, so she needs more fire :D

For Mages weapon, I added a real stone.

Also some progress on Code Geass girls.
Both of them are pretty much done. I just have to glue the parts together and take some good photos.

This photo is taken with flash.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Workbench - Human mage

After my little accident with superglue (by the way, thank you Ila for recommending the acetone to remove it from my fingers), this is what I had to deal with :D

I had to totally remove all the paint from this part (at least it was just one) and start it from beginning.
Also I discovered that the pegs that this kit had (this is a converted PVC kit) do not really work to hold the skirt up, so I had to improvise.
I added some strong magnets to the side skirt and had to readjust some other parts. So in the long run, this superglue accident was helpful

Right now the parts a repainted and waiting for the final touch ups. Hopefully it will be done very soon. It took me longer then I expected to complete this kit.

My future project (maybe)

I have a real love/hate relationship with any Wonder Festivals :D
I love the new kits that come out, but I hate all the new kits that are coming out.
Every half a year I have to stop myself from ordering too many kits (that I don't have enough time to work on anyway), but most of the time I am unsuccessful.

This time I just had to order this beautiful Rider by Vispo. I am not a big fan of the bikes, but I just couldn't resist this girl. There is so much motion and charm in this kit, that I just couldn't resist.

Now I just have to find some time to actually work on her :D