Thursday, June 29, 2017

Wonderfest 2017

I was lucky to visit this years Wonderfest and even enter some of my pieces into a contest.
Here is the results :-D

 Of course trophies is not the only thing I picked up from this trip ;-P

 My sister got this airbrush as a birthday gift.  Great airbrush, a little bit heavy on my wrist, but I love the precision.

 A very cool re-issued Indy.

 The newly released Filmy's Nefertiti.  She is even more gorgeous in person then on the pictures.

 Another piece for my Denizens of Zo collections.

And somewhat ugly Xena.  I was feeling very nostalgic when I got her.  Hopefully I can bring her back some beauty :D

I got couple other kits, but apperantly forgot to take a pictures of them.  Oh well, they will hopefully just show up as a wip project later.

Nozomi Tojo from Love Live

Some update on second girl from Love Live.
Lots of hand painting this time around :D

Good thing that I have a steady hands :D

Dragon Crown Amazon lady

I got my Amazon lady all done and photographed.

Muv-Luv -- Mitsurugi Meiya

This is a second kit from this series I had pleasure to work on.  This lady is pretty deceiving :-D  She looks very plain and simple to paint, but was anything but...  All those little areas that had to be masked.... >_<

The cast was pretty great, so less work for me :D

I was also asked to create a special base for her.  Build one out of Balsa Foam.

 A quick photo of her beautiful eyes.

The girl is all done, just waiting for customers approval.  Stay tuned.

Yazawa Nico from Love Live

This was an amazing sculpt, with lots of details and cool colors.
Poor girl did not get posted for some weird reason.  Sorry girl >_<

 I have another girl from this series on my table right now.  Lots and lots of hand paintings :-D

Holo girl

Another overdue post.
This poor girl was done at the end of 2015 and shame on me, she was not published.

This was also challenging project.  The cast was good, but all the movable parts were driving me nuts at the end.  This is the reason why I don't take movable kits anymore >_<

 This girl had lots of options, including four heads, tons of hands and removable skirt.


I've been a very bad blogger.  My posts are all behind from being updated, some more then a year >_<

Here is my final pictures of Soldato kit.
He was a big challenge to complete and it amazes me that I didn't post the final pictures of him.  Very proud of the final result :-D