Monday, October 27, 2014

Card Captor Sakura finished

Another kit that was done on my table for a very long time is this cute Sakura kit.
Tama I hope you like her :D


Workbench - Project A-ko girls

Another original kit on my table.
This is a very old kit and have a very odd part break-down.  Every time I see an old kits, I marvel on how far this hobby progressed - in the better way :D

 Anyway, with me luck with all the seam lines and reattaching the heads :D

Yuki finished

My poor Yuki.  I had her all finished for few months now and no time to update her final pictures.

I present you with Yuki :D

Workbench -- Tiger Lady

I got a very cool commission on my table.  This is an original kit of Tiger Lady (I don't really know her name, sorry). 
Part breakdown with instructions

 As you can see, there is tons of parts >_<
There was two sets of "feathers"included.  One transparent and one not.

  This is the only "clean-up"pictures I took.  Cleaning the holes in the chairs :D


 The quality of the resin was very very good and it didn't take me too long to clean it up and start painting. 

 The small fringes from her shoulder dress.  I lot of them >_<

 A small test fit :D

And the most intimidating part of this kit - peacock feather jewelry

Thanks for checking my blog

Hi people :D
I hope there is still somebody that still checks my blog once in the while.  I know that is been a very long time since I last updated my blog and I am very sorry about it. Between my daughter being sick and then me, I had very little time for updates.  I did find some time to work in my workroom :P
I will post a lot of updates right now, so thanks for stopping by :D