Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My May update

Have not been posting for a while, been somewhat busy with my kit for a contest. And she is done today. Yahoo!!!! (this is me being happy) Can't show the complete kit yet, but after its posted on the forum, I will.
On the other side, I am kind of sad, because I can't enter my diorama kits to the E contests. This year they changed the rules that said that we are not suppose to post any WIP's of entered kits before the contests. I already started on the girls from Stellvia as a WIP thread on the forum. Just because they changed the rules so suddenly, they allowed to still do it for this year contest, but the problem is that there was no way I could had finished the kits on time. I was planning to use them for the next contest, but I guess its not going to happen. Sad.

On the happy note, I got few more kits into my collection (collection of unbuild kits that I will never ever finish in my life). One of the kits that I got is a Thai recast of Hellraiser as a SD. Usually this kit is a vinyl, but I got lucky to get him as a resin. Well, not too lucky, because the quality is truly horrible. At least something is scary about this kit, because the movie wasn't.

Isn't he scary? All the pin holes and uneven surface. It least its a fun kit and I love challanges.