Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year

Workbench - Nanoha

Another project that I have going on at the moment is this cute Nanoha kit.

A quick fitting and pinning.

Since I've been cleaning this kit for a while, most of the parts are ready for paint.

The most time consuming thing on this kit was to clean Nanoha's skirt. It came in three pieces (which is great for casting :D), which I had to pin and glue together first and fix all the gaps next.

The final look on the skirt after about 4 different coats of primer and sanding :D

Now I just have to finish up her hair (her pony tails have a very nasty seam lines thru them) and she will be all set to paint.
P.S. Sorry Chantal that it took me so long to post this :P

Monday, December 21, 2009

Workbench - Mishiro Akatsuki

I haven't been updating my blog as often as I would like it, but hopefully the amount of pictures will compensate for it :D

Here is my one of my newest projects. I've been working on this girl for a while now. I just didn't write anything about her.
This is Mishiro Akatsuki from Shuraki Trinity (never seen or hear about it). It was originally a PVC figure, but was converted into a resin kit.
She have a lots of options for display. There is two different shirts and two different skirts that can be interchanged. Of course all this extra parts make this kit extra hard to make :D

I didn't take any pictures of prep work. I had to make sure that both arms fit perfectly with two different shirts. Since arms have to be left unglued, I added a magnets inside the arm holes and on the arm pieces. So this way it can just click in without pinning it. It actually worked very well :D
Skipping all the boring parts of cleaning, priming cycle, and going straight to painting.

Skin tone :D

Since my client wanted a different colors on this kit, we decided to go with white stockings.

For some weird reason, I really love how this shoes turned out :D
Just don't call me weird.

Red skirt (sorry for the overexposure)

The fun part - underwear.
Since she got red skirt, black shirt and white stockings, I decided to give her a nice green underwear.
Red and green.... Christmas anyone? :D

One of the coolest (in more ways then one :D) things about this kit is the base.
She is standing on the snow with dripping blood from her sword. I had to add a little bit more snow to the basic base pieces. This is my first time doing snow, so it was very interesting and fun.

I still need to add some blood to the swords and snow. I just hope I don't ruin it :D

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter Contest

Hi Everybody
I just wanted to say that if you like my models, check out this years winter contest at
I did not enter the contest this time, but I will definitely try to do it next time :D

Good luck to everyone who entered.

Workbench - mix

Sorry everyone for now updating my blog for a while.
I got a little bit sick about two weeks ago, so I didn't had any drive to do anything. And right after I got better, I pulled a muscule on my right wrist (guess which is my dominant hand?). I couldn't hold anything for a long period of time. It sucks. I didn't reliaze I moved my wrist so much.
Oh well, I am all better now, so I am back to work :D

Since I am working on three different kits right now, I have a big collection of swords and other metal objects that needed to be painted. I decided to try this one new paint (new for me :D). Its laquer based paint that needs to be buffed after its applied. The picture bellow is the scepter for Pluto, the top piece is buffed and the bottom is not. I think I like it :D

I've been working on Mikage too. I had to rework her belt, since I forgot to make a space for the sword case >.<
Totally my fault for not paying more attention.

Painted the hair too :D

Mikage is almost done, I can almost see the finish line. I just wish it was a little bit warmer in my basement :D That would totally help to speed up the progress.

My future project

Look what I got :D

I was very lucky to get this version of Rider from Fate/Stay Night.
Its not a full figure (too bad since its a gorgeous sculpt), but I have a very cool idea for her.
Now I just need time to actually work on her.