Monday, July 2, 2012

Workbench - Vampirella

And the last update for today is this big beauty.
Can you say "hot mama"? :D

This lady is 1/4 scale and cast in grey resin.
The details on her are amazing.

As amazing as she looks, she have a lot of problems.
Lots of seam lines and lots of bubbles that will take some work to fix.

Its going to be "fun" fixing all those small holes on her bra :D

This is it for now.
And I hope my next update is not a month away :D

Workbench - Kei Yuki from Captain Harlock

Another project that I keep forgetting to update is this little lady.
Her name is Kei Yuki (I am pretty sure its her name :D) from Captain Harlock anime.
This is an older anime and older kit too.

 For an original kit (not a recast), this kit have lots of problems.
It was probably casted by a small company or a person without some very needed equipment that big companies have.
Lots and lots of seam lines and lots and lots of bubbles.


Gaps!! In need of some putty

 I am going to post just some of the adjustments I did on this kit.
Had to re-grave the lining on the belt.

 The picture of thousand bubbles :D
and my attempt to fix it with some Bondo.

Right now, she is primed again and waiting for another sanding phase.

Workbench - Electra

I know, I know, its been forever since I posted last.
Its been some very interesting weeks for me and I had lots of other stuff on my mind besides doing resin kits.  I will share my reason later :D

Anyway, there is still some stuff that I managed to do during all this time.
First is Electra.
This is a cold cast of Green Dragon girl that somebody else remodeled into Electra.  I just got the best part of it - painting  :D

 Even though she came pre-primed, I still had to do lots of damage control.
First I got couple of chipped parts that didn't make the shipping travel.  And some other rough areas that needed some smoothing.


 For her color scheme, I was asked to match this comic picture.
No traditional red for her :D

The skin was painted with darker shade, so she looks very nice and healthy tan.
Of course  I forgot to take a photos of this step   >_<    Ooops.
But I still can show you the progress :D

After I painted the skin, I had to mask all of her lovely skin.  Not an easy task, since she does have lots of skin exposed.
Anyway her is her outfit painted white and shaded.

And more photos after I removed some of the tape from her skin.
The flash on the camera make a very nice contrast between the skin and her outfit.

And finally, the last of the pictures.
Here she is with her skirt pieces on and her ribbons.

By the way, totally forgot to mention that Electra is one of the three (for now) remakes of She Dragon girls.  Here is the other future projects :D