Monday, October 7, 2013

My boyfriend's birthday present

Just as the title said, this was a birthday present to my boyfriend.
He brought to my attention that I never finished a kit for him, so I had to fix that :D

Since it was kind of mine kit :D  I had the freedom to play with the colors.  I've been playing with darker skin tones lately and this was another good practice for it.  I didn't have too much time to complete her (only about a week), so it have a couple of problems that I am not very happy with (I am not listing them :P).  But my boyfriend loved it, so it all worked out at the end :D



Schedler Vincent said...

Great work ,the transparency of clothing is perfect .
Cheers .

Linda said...

Love the shading on this! I'm sure your boyfriend can't complain about an almost nude chick :P I don't see any issues with it. It's very pretty!

Otohime said...

She's really great! I love the effect on the skirt ^^

Otohime said...

Amazing effects on clothes *_*