Thursday, September 17, 2015

Yuki from Captain Harlock

This was a fixer-upper kit :D
When I got this kit, it was already painted and I was asked to give it a little bit more TLC and new paint. 

 For her base, I used this image :D

Kanami from Log Horizon finished

I am finally done with this little lady.  It was very time consuming project with her masking strips, but very rewarding at the end :D

Workbench - Voluptuous tears

I am very excited to present you this new project.  Its a very hard to find kit from Zots - Voluptuous tears.  Amazing scene of a fairy sitting on the top of the mushrooms with very cool beetles crawling around.

 The kit made out of harder resin, so it doesn't carve well   >_<
Also unfortunately her wings are unusable.  They are super fragile and sticky.  I have to figure out on how to replace them.
This is super interesting kit to work on and hopefully I have some extra free time to finish it soon :D

Monday, September 7, 2015

Workbench - Kanami from Log Horizon

 I spend at least six episodes of Jude Judy masking all this stuff   O_o

 Also had some time to paint her eyes :D

 Now that the masking is done, the project is getting closer to being finished :D

Friday, August 14, 2015

Masking liquid applicator

I was shoping in my local Hobby Lobby store and I found this liquid masking tape applicator.
I just had to get it :D

 The tip of the applicator is only .5 mm (the store also have .8 mm) with self cleaning needle tip.

 I had to do a little test.
The masking fluid is very runny, but it worked perfectly for the eye sockets.  I would have to test it some more later on different areas, but I do have to say, it took me 2 sec. to apply this masking fluid with out any problems.  I like it :D

Workbench - Selvaria Bles

I have this new commission piece from Volk.  Its Selvaria Bles colored plastic model.  I never worked with one like this before, so it will be interesting :D

 A quick dry fit :D

I do have to say that this kit have one of the best part fit.  Combined with pretty amazing part breakdown, I believe this is going to be a fun project :D

Workbench - Kanami from Log Horizon

New commission piece :D
A very cute girl from Log Horizon.

When I opened the box, the parts looked very good. But....    :D
My opinion changed after closer examination.  All the key holes were a lot smaller (shallower?) then the keys.  It took me some time to shave it down for them to fit.

  And the biggest problem - tiny pin holes  >_<

The seam lines are not tiny, but not as big problem as pin holes.

 Extra flesh on the hair tips O_o

And the first dry test.