Saturday, September 1, 2007

My new purchases.

While I was away from computer, I received few of my pre-order items.

The most exciting one is twin girls from Rozen Maidens. I wanted that kit from the day it came out, but couldn't afford it. Finally I just couldn't resist. I got it from E2046. The quality is very good. I just hope I could do justice to this kit.

The other kit that I got from E is Carmen. For some reason there is something about her that draws me to her. She is cool. The quality is very good. The only problem that I found was that her whole body is one piece. But is was in the past :) . One evening, I needed some distraction from sanding, so I took a saw and cut her body in half (I have the pictures, so maybe I will do a WIP later)

Last, but not the least is Rin from Fate/Stay Night. She is made by T's System and there is a set of three of the girls. It includes Saber with sword (light), Saber in black dress with sword and lion doll (dark) and Rin in maid outfit. I ordered Sabers from E2046 and received them long long time ago (received and completed), but I had to wait forever for Rin. I ordered Rin from HobbyFan. For the last 4 orders, HF was delivering perfect quality kits, but I guess it couldn't continue forever. The kit have lots of pin holes and 3 parts have been broken (it was super glued before shipping). Still she will be a fun to put together. Plus my Sabers need company :)

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