Saturday, January 24, 2009

1/6 Red Saber finished

Another red kit >.<
It looks like I only use my red paint lately. I had to go to the store and add some more different shades of red for my paint collection. I don't like to use the same shade over and over again, so this way its more unique .
There is lots of removable parts on this kit. All of the armor pieces come on/off, her white shirt chest area is removable, her skirt, and the front piece of the skirt, and as an added bonus, her underwear (I had to modify this extra feature)
I really like how she came out. She looks so much more royal in the red outfit then blue, but maybe I am just tired of seeing her in blue :)

More pictures

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FoxFire said...

I love your rendition of her in that striking red colour! The bronze colour looks very well done on her armor.