Monday, January 10, 2011

Workbench - Ivy's friend

Sorry for not updating for a while  (^_^;)
You guys are the best for sticking around.

Anyway, here is some progress I made during all my "quiet" time 

I've been working on a Ivy's fighting companion (I am totally spacing out her name right now )
I got her as a Thai prepainted kit and was asked to modify and fix her a little. 
Now I remember why I don't like Thai kits  ('-^*)

This is how she used to look before I got hold of her.

 I was asked to repaint the skin (and everything else too :D ), so here is her after a Purple bath.
It took me couple of tries to get all the paint off.  

I had to saw of her legs, since it was all connected very weirdly.  Here is the proof of my chopping ('-^*)
That was kind of fun.  The step that followed (reconnecting the legs with putty and pins) was not as much fun.

 Of course during the disassemble part, couple of the parts got broken.  One of them was her neck.  Ouch.

I cleaned up most of the bad areas (which were previously covered by paint or sanded off) and re-sculpted most of the problem areas.  
Now I get to work on her removable armor.
I am still currently working on Ivy's swords and her head.  I didn't want to paint her eyes, since she is suppose to be facing this girl in a great battle.


Unknown said...

O_O I didn't even know, that they made kits of Rachel! Thai kits are Evil 1000% agree with you! I had to throw my Thai kit out, first and last Thai kit ever!!

Annya's Workshop said...

Rachel, that's her name :D Thanks.
This kit is recast from PVC, that's why its not as available.

Unknown said...

No problem =D love the Ninja Gaiden series.
That's why -_- that's sad, she's the last character that I need