Sunday, January 30, 2011

Workbench - Sheryl Nome from Macross

Another project that was on my table for a while, but for some reason I didn't update the progress here :D
This is a Sheryl Nome from Macross.  The kit was recast from PVC version, which means very easy part break down.  The quality of the kit was so good that it didn't take me that long to clean up.  Combine that with easy part break down and it means I got to go to painting part (the best part) almost right away.

So here is all of the in-progress pictures.

this is a reference pic I got from a customer for color scheme.

All of the belts on corset came it as a separate pieces.  


 The hair took me a couple of tries to get it right.   I am very happy how it turned out :D

Now I just have to finish up her shoes and her mike.


Unknown said...

It looks good. Love the hair.

Hyony said...

Awesome hair colour :D

The only reason I want a Shery Nome kit too is to paint her hair xD