Sunday, February 27, 2011

Workbench - Bayonetta

My last update on Bayonetta.  Next will be  the complete figure pictures :D

Painted and added decals to B's ribbons.
Its was very painful to apply all those decals.  Since the ribbons are not just straight, I had to apply small piece at the time.  Took me a while to do it.

Also had to repaint the chains that came with this kit.  They were different tint of gold and didn't match the outfit chains.

The guns are all done, with gems and charms.

 Base was a long work in progress for me.  Not because its so complicated, just that I needed to implement the logo and  had to think about the colors.   Ended up using the metallic gray/silver that I used on inside of Bayonetta's suit and black.  Looks pretty cool in person :D

The chains with ??? hair charms??  (not sure on what to call them :D )

For a while, I couldn't figure out on how to attach the hair charms, but at the end I decided to use magnets.  It works very well now, since the parts are already metal.

This is all of the update I have for today.  Now I just need to take the complete pictures of this lady.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful Annya!!! Can't wait to see her finished!!!